If you’ve checked out my About page you know I’m a sound artist who also does audio editing.  If you’d like to check out some of my editing projects then peruse out the list below.  Currently, I’m focused on podcast editing, and have previous worked on musical performances and interviews. I love audio and collaborating with other creatives. If you’d like to contact me for a project, email me: mrdaniel [at] protonmail.com.

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Latest Projects


January 31st UPDATE:  Finally the project I’ve been working on with Jamie Broadnax (Black Girl Nerds, Rewire’s Get It Right) & Stephanie Williams (Lemonade Show, Let Go Let Flo) is getting ready to launch TOMORROW!

What is it? Well a new podcast of course: Misty Knight’s Uniformed Afro.  A weekly podcast devoted to the consideration of Black women superheroes in comic books and related media. There’s nothing like it out there, and I’m so excited to be a part of this as an associate producer and mixing engineer. Here’s the lowdown from executive producer and co-host, Jamie Broadnax!

You can subscribe on iTunes. For more information head to the Misty Knight’s Uniformed Afro website.

I’m temporarily on hiatus from the Black Girl Nerds (BGN) Podcast   which is back in production for 2017.  But I look forward to returning to BGN editing soon!


I’m excited to be providing interview editing for recent and upcoming Black Girl Nerds (BGN) PodcastScreen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.28.31 PM episodes.  The award-winning Black Girl Nerds (BGN) was founded by Jamie Broadnax, and provides a space for a range of voices  (including male contributors) to create media content focused on wide ranging nerd perspectives. The resulting content appears in various locales of the BGN media hub which includes the BGN website, blog, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest pages, as well as Twitter feeds, and live events with over 80K followers combined across all of BGN’s social media networks. Check out my edited segments below.*

BGN #96 | Monstress, The Few and Moonlight
I was truly honored to edit Segment #1, an illuminating and deeply honest exchange between host Joelle Monique and the prolific and profoundly skilled word-weaver, novelist and comic book author Marjorie Liu (the Hunter Kiss series, Marvel Comics). They discuss her groundbreaking indie comic book Monstress, and being a woman of color in the commercial comic book industry.

Coming soon: Treats from NYCC (New York Comic Con) 2016!


BGN #95 | Nerdy History, Superheroines and WOC in Comics
More coverage from NYCC 2016: I recorded and edited Segment #3, a fantastic panel organized by Regine Sawyer of Women In Comics International–“Women of Color in Comics: Race, Gender & the Comic Book Medium.” Resources Listed by Panelists.

BGN #93 | Malice in Ovenland and the Villains of Luke Cage
More coverage from NYCC 2016: I recorded and edited Segment #3, roundtable interviews with two of  Luke Cage‘s (Netflix/Marvel) charismatic and complex villains, Theo Rossi (Shades) and Erik LaRay Harvey (Willis Stryker/Diamondback).

BGN Podcast Extra – People of Earth at NYCC
I had the opportunity to attend New York Comic Con 2016 as part of BGN’s press team. I recorded and edited press roundtables with the cast and producers of the upcoming TBS comedy, “People of Earth.” Featured: actors Wyatt Cenac, Michael Cassidy, Alice Wetterlund, and Da’Vine Joy Randolph who also did a 1:1 with BGN founder Jamie Broadnax.

BGN #90 | The Luke Cage Show
The BGN Podcast did a special podcast in anticipation of the premiere of Luke Cage on Netflix. I had the pleasure of editing Segment #1, an illuminating interview with Luke Cage executive producer, creator, writer, and showrunner, Cheo Hodari Coker.

BGN #88 | Queen Sugar, #TIFF and How To Tell You’re A Douchebag
One for the bucket list: editing Segment#1, an interview with Ava DuVernay on one of latest projects, the amazing Queen Sugar television series on Oprah Winfrey‘s OWN network, hosted by Caron.  I also edited Segment #2, BGN’s interview with Cameron Bailey, the Artistic Director of the Toronto International Film Festival right before the festival’s opening with co-hosts Jacqueline and Lauren.

BGN #87 | Southside With You, Captain America’s Costume and Preacher
It was my pleasure to edit Segment#1 , an interview with actor Tika Sumpter on the new cinematic imagining of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama‘s first date, Southside With You. Hosted by Joelle.

Episode 86: Color Me Badlands, LucasFilm and John Legend
My edits appear in Segment#1 a boisterous and thoughtful conversation between writer for television, comics, and the big screen LaToya Morgan (“Into the Badlands,” “Turn,” “Shameless“) and the BGN Podcast co-host crew of Jamie, Caron, Joelle, and Mel.  I also edited Segment#3, the brief but revealing exchange between Grammy, Golden Globe, and Academy Award-winning singer-songwriter and film and television producer John Legend and BGN host Joelle.  August 22, 2016.

Episode 84: Awkward, the Land and Jurassic 5
I had a lot of fun editing Segment #1, a conversation with actor Sujata Day best known as CeCe from the “Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” who chatted with co-hosts Jamie, Afiya, and Kristin about her work on the series, love of comedic acting, and her new role on HBO’s “Insecure”.

Episode 82: Business Development and Ghostbusters
I edited Segment #2, an interview with actor Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters I & II, The Crow, HBO’s Oz, Netflix’s Grace and Frankie) which focused on his career highlights, including the original Ghostbusters and thoughts about the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot with an all-female cast. Co-hosted by Kay B, JN Monk, and Tora.

Episode 81: Elements, Bad Dad Rehab, and Cell
My editing appears on Segment #2, Kay-B‘s interview with Robert Christopher Riley, Robert Ri’chard, Rick Gonzalez, and Anthony Wesley of the new movie Bad Dad Rehab, winner of the American Black Film Festival Screenplay Competition, and premiering on TVOne. I also edited Segment #3, Tora Shae‘s interview with actor  Erin Elizabeth Burns who talked about her upcoming film Cell, adapted from a Stephen King novel and starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson.

Episode 79: Women in Film, Classy Living, and Orange Is the New Black
I lent my editing skills to Segment #1, Joelle‘s interview with the multi-talented actor, playwright, screenwriter, director and producer Melody Cooper about her work in theater and the film industry.

Episode 76: Geek Misogyny, No Totally, and Con Coverage
I edited two interviews from BGN’s MomoCon coverage with actor Zach Callison from Cartoon Network’s hit show Steven Universe and newly appointed MomoCon Media Relations Director, blerd and cosplay afficionado Renee Cooper. Interviewer: Kayla.

BGN Podcast Extra: Maya Glick
Maya Glick talks about her journey writing and starring in RAIN: A fan film about Storm, the X-Men leader from the Marvel Comic Universe. Co-hosted by Jamie, Caron, Kayla, and Joelle.

Episode 73: Darryl M. Bell, the Lemonade Syllabus, and Power Rangers
I edited Segment #1 an interview with erudite and savvy actor/producer Darryl M. Bell who is best known for roles Ron Johnson on the iconic TV show A Different World, and Big Brother X-Ray Vision in Spike Lee’s School Daze. Bell talks about developing a YouTube channel, technology, and the legacy of A Different World. Co-hosted by Jamie, Kay B, Kayla, and Caron (Start 5:47 – End 53:43). I also edited Segment #3, host Alexsis interviews Nakia Burisse, “the Yellow Power Ranger known from Power Rangers Zeo, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, and Power Rangers Turbo the TV series.” She talks with Alexsis about her latest project, the comedy series Class Dismissed (Start 1:28:38 – End 1:50:41).

Episode 71: The Lucas Bros and Roots
I had the good fortune to edit Segment #1, an interview with animated (literally) and often consciousness-altered The Lucas Bros, twin brothers Kenny and Keith Lucas  (Lucas Bros Moving Co, 22 Jump Street, Friends of the People) who talk about the journey from law school to comedy, weed, Beyonce’s Lemonade, and their upcoming projects.  Co-hosted by Jamie, Kay B, and Caron (Start 06:51End 38:10).

Episode 70: W Kamau Bell, Tiffany Haddish, and All Things Anime
I lent my editing skills to Segment #2, host Caron J‘s boisterously hilarious one-on-one with comedian/actor Tiffany Haddish (The Carmichael Show, Keanu) on Hadddish’s life and career (Start 32:23 – End 1:03:37) and to Segment #3, a panel of anime aficionados discuss anime myths and representations, led by Valerie Complex, with Terra, Akua, and Jonathan. (Start 1:03:38End 1:33:55).

Episode 69: Black Panther, 9Rides, and PeeWee Herman
I edited Segment #2: “Former NFL player turned filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry debuts his film 9Rides at SXSW about an Uber driver dealing with a life-altering decision. Co-host Joelle.” (Start 54:26End 1:11:10).

#BGN Podcast Extra – RES
Noted Philly-based songwriter/musician RES talks to host Kristin St. John about her approach to writing and producing music, her latest album RESET, and the indiegogo campaign to fund its completion.

Minorities in Publishing, Episode #37: Debut EpisodeMiP-logo
Recently, I had the opportunity to edit a fantastic episode from Minorities in Publishing’s producer/host Jenn Baker, who interviewed three writers of color about their experience publishing their first books:  Sophia Chester (Cosmic Callisto Caprica & The Missing Rings of Saturn, 2016), Leland Cheuk (The Misadventures of Sullivan Pong, 2015), and Mira Jacob (The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing, 2014).


Episode 68: Adina Porter, Andre Royo, and Simon TaufiqueScreen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.28.31 PM
I edited Segment #1: an interview with actor Adina Porter (True Blood, The Newsroom, The 100) who discusses her non-role model approach to taking roles, her new role in the WGN’s Underground, and the potential significance of telling the story of US chattel slavery via a contemporary television series. Co-hosted by Jamie, Kayla, and Caron (Start 05:08End 25:25).

Episode 65: DeRay, Jake Choi, Hyper Force Neo, and Wonder Woman
I edited Segment #1: an interview with DeRay McKeeson, who discusses his journey from witness to activist, the role of social media as a means for instigating change in the  #BlackLivesMatter movement, and his commitment to his native Baltimore and his candidacy for its mayoral race. Interviewed by Caron J. (Start 05:50 24:39 End)

Episode 64: Effie Brown and Black Nerd Comedy
I edited Segment #2: a boisterous conversation between Andrew “Black Nerd Comedy” Meadows and co-hosts Jamie, Kayla, and Joi on his YouTube channel and brand building (Start 41:21End 1:12:52).

Episode 63: Women in Tech, Remixing Colorblind, and GlobalGirlsSquad
I edited Segment #1: chat with tech entrepreneurs Amanda Spann and Sheena Allen, developers of the newly created Alchomy App and a number of other apps which have had a total of over 2 million downloads. Spann and Allen discuss mentoring, education, professional and personal challenges, and getting out there and creating tech. Co-hosted by Jamie, Terra, Joelle, and Kayla (Start 05:30End 40:54).

Episode 62: Luvvie, Leslie Harris, Amanda Seales, and A Tribe Called Geek
I edited Segment #3: chat with Amanda Seales, comedian, VJ, public speaker, entertainer, webseries creator (Get Your Life, Things I Learned This Week), co-hosted by Jamie, Latanya, and Joelle Monique (Start 57:15End 1:28.33).

Episode 61: Van Jones, Vixen, and SEND ME
I edited Segment #1: interview with Van Jones, activist, social entrepreneur, and founder of Dream Corps (#YesWeCode, #cut50, Green For All), co-hosted by Jamie and Joelle Monique (Start 07:08End 25:46).

Episode 60: Rachel True, April Reign, Colossus, and Hafrocentric
I edited Segment #4: interview with comic book creator and social activist Jewels Smith, writer of Hafrocentric, on creating innovative and socially engaged stories, comic book mixtapes, and more. Co-hosted by Jamie and Joelle Monique (Start 1:51.35 – End 2:04.18).

Episode 59: Agents of the Realm and Twitching While Black
I edited Segment #1: interview with webcomic creator Mildred Louis, writer/artist of Agents of the Realm on webcomic publishing, print vs. web, and running a successful Kickstarter campaign for the print of Agents of the Realm. (Start 04:25End 25:00).

Episode 58: Filmmaking, Forward Comix, LootCrate, and X-Files
I edited Segment #2: chat with comic book publisher and writer/artist Jerome Walford, author of Nowhere Man and founder of Forward Comix, who talks about his trajectory as a comic book storyteller and his new project, Gwan, an anthology of comic creator short stories on immigration and the expat experience. Co-hosted by Jamie and Joelle Monique (Start 47:16 – End 1:05.52)

Episode 57: Chescaleigh, #29DaysOfBlackCosplay, and Scary Stories
I edited  Segment #1:  Franchesca Ramsey aka Chescaleigh, YouTube Vlogger and host of MTV’s Decoded, who shares lessons from her online career: how to handle trolls, identifying and focusing on your goals, relative fame, and more. Co-hosted by Jamie and Mel Perez (Start 05:37End 38:00).

Episode 56: Bitch Planet, Hawkgirl, and DJ Hobo
I edited Segment #1: interview with Eisner Award nominated comic book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick (Bitch Planet, Pretty Deadly, Captain Marvel) who candidly discusses the work of being a white woman writing women of  characters, and the realities of a personal writing regimen segment. Co-hosted by Jamie Broadnax and Joelle Monique. (Start 05:30End 30:06)

Episode 55: Trollando and Nerds of Prey
This was a hilarious and informative episode featuring actor Orlando Jones aka Trollando (Sleepy Hollow, Drumline, Evolution), and the hosts of a new nerd podcast, Nerds of Prey, hosted by four diverse Black women content creators. Co-hosted by BGN founder Jamie Broadnax, and co-hosts Cynthia and Connie. I edited the interviews for both segments.


I provided additional audio editing for two recent Minorities in Publishing Podcast (MiP) episodes. MiP was MiP-logobirthed from the impressive brain matter of publishing professional and writer, Jenn Baker. With the MiP podcast, Baker hosts discussions “of diversity (or lack thereof) in the book publishing industry with other professionals working in-house as well as authors and those in the literary scene.” It was a pleasure working on these two podcasts, and learning more about the mighty work Jenn Baker is doing expanding the current conversation on publishing and writing.

Episode 29: HiFi Reading Series curated by Minorities in Publishing
“On November 4th at HiFi Bar in NYC Jenn [Baker] curated the HiFi Reading Series with readings by Glendaliz Camacho, Ennis Smith, Courtney Gillette, and previous MiP guest Daniel José Older.”

Episode 27: Dedication to Brook Stephenson
“[T]his episode is a dedication episode to writer, bookseller, RI Writers Colony & Clever Agency founder, Brook Stephenson who sadly passed away this summer. Jenn speaks with Big 5 publishing editor Adrienne Ingrum, and award-winning authors Renée Watson & Jason Reynolds to reminisce about Brook’s work, his personality, & his unwavering philanthropy for artists of color.”


*All BGN Podcast interview subject introductions recorded and edited by Jamie Broadnax.